Biolook Time Clock with Facial Recognition

  • $325.00

Advanced facial recognition lets your employees safely register punches hands-free.

~ Capture punches, track hours, and collect data to process payroll—all on the device itself.

~ No software to install or cloud service is needed.

~ With a high-resolution camera, BioLook offers hands-free punching that keeps everyone healthy and eliminates buddy punching.

~ BioLook™ offers a variety of punching methods including facial-recognition, biometric finger scan, touch-free RFID, and PIN—additionally, the backup battery allows you to continue capturing punches even when the power is out.

~ BioLook™ includes everything you need to start tracking time and getting setup is easy. Simply register your employees, optionally configure your shifts, and start punching. BioLook also includes templates so you can upload multiple employees and shifts directly to the time clock.