DR2000 Touch-Free Voice Control and Facial Recognition Time Clock

  • $414.00

**Monthly Subscription Required**

A time clock unlike any other, the uAttend DR2000 provides a revolutionary touch-free punching experience. Eliminate shared surfaces by allowing your employees to punch-in using the sound of their voice!

Advanced Voice-Controlled Punching

Voice recognition supports basic and advanced time clock functions. Punch in and out for shifts, breaks, lunches, department transfers and job tracking with a simple voice command!

Facial Recognition Identification

Advanced facial recognition offers quick and easy identification while eliminating the risk of buddy punching. RFID and PIN options are also supported.

Eliminate Shared Surfaces

Voice controlled punching eliminates the time clock as a commonly shared surface, giving you more control over workplace safety.

Plug ’n Play All Day

Flexible connection options including Wi-Fi and LAN make setup a breeze. Offline mode provides added security by storing punches and syncing with the cloud when connection is reestablished.

Powerful Cloud Support

The DR2000 time clock is backed by versatile cloud software, enabling automation of time and attendance processes from punch to payroll.